Inlove with Ian


Coincidence I love them both? I think not! 

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Dalaric 3x22 / Denzo 5x10 parallels

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Hello gorgeous.

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So what happened?

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inlove with ian

Put me in a Damon and Enzo sandwich… PLEASE!

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Stefan saving Elena 5x10 / Damon saving Elena 3x05 (parellel)

See the difference? Damon is carrying her outta there, even tho he’s not her boyfriend, he’s a true hero and gentelman. Stefan on the other hand is not trying to be a hero and he clearly don’t care even tho Elena is barely walking on her legs..

ps. After all I’m glad Stefan did not carry her out, because it prefectly shows another difference between Salvatore brothers.

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The Vampire Diaries 5x10 “Fifty Shades Of Greyson” - mid-season finale


- Where It Ends, Where It Begins by Sacco

- Slave by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

- Fitzpleasure by Alt-J

- The Love Club by Lorde

- All I Want by Kodaline

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